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Andrew Nolan - Radiophonic Dub LP

Image of Andrew Nolan - Radiophonic Dub LP


As a child my favourite sounds were:

The Tardis materializing.

Davros delivering a monologue to the Fourth Doctor.

Anytime in the King Tubby and Yabby You album (pink/ purple cover, that one...) where it sounds like your speakers are broken.

The fade in at the end of Strawberry Fields Forever.

Intro music to Chocky.

The sirens in Cool C - Juice Crew Dis.

The reverb on PSK/ Gucci Time.

- This is my love letter to that era - Andrew Nolan (c/o Phage Tapes)

The logical culmination of forty five years of studying hip hop, industrial, and dub, filtered through Andrew Nolan's immediately recognizable work as a songwriter and producer.

This one is for ADHD students of miscellania, obsessive fans of early rap, noise deconstructioneeers. The weirdos and the nerds will sink their teeth and claws deep into these twelve inches of wax. Enjoy.

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