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Andrew Nolan - Museum Etiquette CS (IMPORT)

Image of Andrew Nolan - Museum Etiquette CS (IMPORT)

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Andrew Nolan (INTENSIVE CARE, WOLFAGRAM) returns once again to Absurd Exposition, following "Background Music" (2018) and "We Know Now What a Modern Society Can Do with a Parking Lot" (2016). This latest effort, "Museum Etiquette", continues the theme of urban anxiety explored through processed field recordings of various dialogues, intense encounters, overheard incidents, trains, rain and the general hustle and bustle of the city weaved into the fabric of a modulated noise soundscape. The A-side starts with metal bars clanging and suddenly you're stuck in a cell (or in traffic, transit, or some greater definition), being slowly squeezed by the increasing pressure of the outside world as it drones, hums, and buzzes around you, with any exit appearing ever distant. The B-side brings to mind both classic industrial and early 80s electronic music scores with faint reminisces of Throbbing Gristle a la "After Cease to Exist" and John Carpenter shining through. All in all, "Museum Etiquette" is a sensible continuation of, and expansion upon, the works Nolan has previously put forth. - Absurd Exposition

Edition of 126 pro-dubbed tapes with pad-printed labels. The first 100 copies include download codes.

CANADIAN CUSTOMERS: We encourage you to order this release directly from Scream & Writhe to save you shopping expenses and time. Taylor is an asset and deserves direct support.

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