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All Energy Must Continue Upward - s/t CS

$4.00 - On Sale

All Energy Must Continue Upward's self-titled full length is a collection of new synthesizer-centric music for Good Glass Records. A flurry of whirring analogs, tape echo, pulsating bass and beat programming, it's a prismatic pause tape that navigates so many zones and styles - funky seventies library music, tranced-out new age, skittering late-night braindance, deep space pulsar mapping, nostalgic childlike PBS themes, even euphoric drum-n-bass (wait for it!) - that it might be overwhelming if not for Fred's deft sequencing, blending, fading, and selecting that invites the listener along on the journey like an expert DJ mix.

Pro-duplicated and printed cassette on warm, autumnal yellow shell that kind of feels like the sun-bleached vinyl bench seat in the back of your Dad's car when you were a kid. Pro-printed J-card with photography that expertly matches the feeling of the music and combines with it to create an inviting, handheld totem or talisman. - Good Glass Records