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5 x Anthems LP Bundle

Image of 5 x Anthems LP Bundle


Five LPs released on Anthems. If you've bought one or two of these from us already, leave a comment and we'll swap it out for something else - but these are essentially random boxes. You could get rare and sold out versions, you might get something almost a decade old. Don't be a nerd - take a chance.

Total value between $67 and $95, for only $55.

- Black Button - Rejoice
- Unyeilding Love - Flesh Of The Furnace
- Suppression and Bastard Noise - Infernal Legions
- Hallucination Realized / Redundant Protoplasm - Split 12"
- Government Alpha / Bastard Noise - Interstellar Perceptions of a Failed Species
- Jezeits - Jenzeits Cosmic Orbits
- Holy Money - The Language Machine
- Mere Phantoms - Famine For a Slow Death
- Wolves Of Heaven / Nyodene D - Split 12"